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> more than numbers

Our business is about three key elements: people, teams, and technology. Our understanding of these elements, combined with our knowledge of the industry, means we recommend vetted, high-quality placements, rather than sending mass quantities of unqualified candidates for your team to sort through.

Quality over Quantity

> more than recruiters

We know it’s not just about this position — it’s about your long-term plan.

Together we can help you build your team or your career. Harness our community engagement and industry knowledge to your advantage.

A Collaborative Partnership

What makes RBS different?

We start by seeking to understand all of the players involved, their goals and their challenges, in order to better facilitate the process for everyone. When we connect the ideal person with the ideal team, everyone wins.

Our process is informed by our industry. As the partner to both clients, job seeker and hiring manager, we seek to understand the position of both parties and interpret these competing perspectives for both clients while respecting the confidentiality goals of both.

What should I expect when working with RBS?

We take the time to know with whom we are working. While we cannot share the secret sauce of our process, we will share that it is people-centric and informed on technology. We want to know your day-to-day and how those contributions are interwoven into your team and your department’s/company’s goals. Many InfoSec roles may be an analyst in one company and an engineer in another, which makes it hard for a non-tech screener to understand a technologist’s career. We take the time to know the difference, for both you and your future team.

What is your policy on confidentiality?

Confidentiality is one of our core values. We understand information is a sensitive commodity. As such, we take securing information and privacy very seriously. Our process includes ongoing assessments and control implementations for continuous improvement.

RBS understands and protects the identities of both job seekers and employers, acting as a secure connection between entities, making connections without compromising information.

Are you InfoSec people or Recruiting people?

At RBS we are both. Members of the Recruit Bit Security team are hired because they are intelligent, looking to serve others, and willing to learn. Our consultants are each heavily vetted and considered top talent. While our recruiters are not InfoSec professionals, each is passionate about security and learning about tech. We attend and host local security meetups and major security conferences.

How does RBS screen candidates?

While our process is customized to the needs of each client, we work to know every person with whom we work. Most of our clients want to know we have spoken with references and done an additional layer of vetting. We want to know the professional’s day-to-day and how those contributions are interwoven into their team and the goals of their department and company. Not every candidate can speak to that, but not every candidate is worth submitting.

Some talent is particularly good at socially engineering recruiters. Job titles are insufficient, and frankly tools/tech summary on a resume can be too. Many InfoSec roles may be an analyst in one company and an engineer in another, which makes it hard for a non-tech screener to understand a technologists career. We take the time to know the difference.

What is the advantage of an InfoSec-focused recruiter?

The biggest hurdle in InfoSec recruiting is understanding the complex, technical landscape. Most recruiters rely on job titles, but in this industry, job titles generally further confuse a non-technical person. In general, both internal corporate recruiters, often on talent acquisition teams, and third-party agency recruiters are non-technical people. We have been both and serve both.

Our goal is to learn and understand the technical scopes of both the roles and candidates for which we recruit. By doing so, we target shorter time-to-hire and higher quality-of-hire metrics.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Hear it directly from our clients.