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Security Consulting

Security Consulting focuses on your business first. The cybersecurity vendor landscape is robust and a little bloated. RBS uses its knowledge and experience to help cut through the noise to build a strong, custom solution for your business needs.

RBS security consultants are well-versed in the extensive solutions available. We assess your systems to make recommendations which enhance your security architecture, aligned with your detective and preventive controls.

Depending on the size and scope of your project RBS can provide supplemental staff for special projects.

> More than Defense

vCISO as a Service

Virtual CISO as a Service is designed for small to medium-sized businesses who need to be prepared, beyond the legal ramifications of a data breach.

Our consultants help companies navigate the laws, stay compliant and honor their responsibility to secure their client’s information. We start by assessing your current processes and controls, then build a detailed plan specific to your operations and team.

Acting as your team’s security leadership, our vCISO consultants bring an ethical responsibility to securing your business. Have someone on your side.

> Active Offense

Cybersecurity 101

When we all work together, the result is a more secure world. We offer Cybersecurity 101 for a variety of audiences from the general public, small businesses and even corporate Talent Acquisition teams.

We bring industry knowledge to your efforts, elevating your skills and results.

We help everyone be more effective in their roles. RBS training empowers you and your team with industry-specific information, for more productive and knowledgeable conversations about cybersecurity when interviewing potential talent.

> Collaboration over Competition

Security Consulting

RBS security consultants are well-versed in the extensive solutions available, and after assessing your processes and systems, make recommendations to enhance your security architecture, and recommend preventive controls aligned with your directives.

During this process, our consultants keep day-to-day business operations top of mind, understanding of how security decisions affect business, revenue generation, and operational costs, as well as the effects on your end-users and other members of your team.

vCISO (Virtual CISO) & CISO as a Service

When an company accepts personally identifiable data from its customers that company accepts an ethical responsibility for that data. This responsibility has ever growing legal ramifications.

As a result, every organization regardless of size needs InfoSec leadership but for many businesses, a full-time CISO brings a high cost. In-house CISO salaries range from $185,000 to well over $235,000 a year and implementing the security solutions brings costs as well. Government fines for data breaches continue to increase as well.

By harnessing an external vCISO consultant, our clients achieve the customized security solutions appropriate for the needs of their organization. Our vCISO services bring greater expertise that lower your business risk all at a radically lower cost.

Cybersecurity 101

Enhance your internal, corporate recruiting efforts and empowering your team with industry-specific information.

We believe everyone wants to be more effective in their roles, but may not know how to get there, nor have the spare time to determine that learning path. RBS will customize learning modules and strategies specific to your company’s technology landscape and teams. In an afternoon or over a few days we can radically empower internal teams with Cybersecurity 101 training.

Q: What are the advantages of an external security consultant?

While your employees have the best intentions, they may be too close to the problems to see the gaps in your company’s defenses.

RBS security consultants assess your business from both an outsider and an insider perspective, looking at all the parts for the whole.

Q: How expensive is this?

Prepare to succeed or prepare to fail – unfortunately failing comes at a much higher cost. And while your umbrella insurance may say it covers cybersecurity, most of those policies have giant loopholes.

With the rapid increase of cybercrime, ransomware, and governmental regulations, an external security consultant can minimize costs in the long run. For example, a new Arizona state law to protect data breach victims increases fines by 50x for improperly responding to security breaches with the minimum fine at $500,000.

All of our services and solutions begin with a free consultation followed by a proposal with detailed pricing and scope.

Q: What if we need something else?

RBS offers extensive, customized security solutions. Let’s have a conversation about your organization’s concerns and goals. Anything beyond our expertise we have prepared and vetted security partners at the ready.