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Recruit Bit Security was founded with a commitment to build a more secure world, and we know security is built 1 bit at a time.

It was clear the security landscape felt like a dark place, where good people got lost and the process slowed business down. We apply a white-hat-hacker mindset to traditional recruiting practices, shortening our client’s time-to-hire. We do this in many ways, starting by being informed on security and highly active in the community. Our recruiting process focuses on people, technology, and skills – not job titles.

Our clients come in many forms. From job seeker or candidate to technical hiring manager, and human resources to non-technical leadership. We are your full-service security solution. The RBS team is committed to giving our clients an advantage, despite the unique challenges within InfoSec. As our cybersecurity network and knowledge grew, so did our security offerings.

Your organization and team has its own unique challenges. We know the people and solutions you need. Let’s talk.

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To build a safer and more secure world, 1 bit at a time.

Rachel Harpley

Founder, InfoSec Strategist


Recruit top talent, deliver innovative security services & close the skills gap.

Vernon Redd

InfoSec Talent Strategist - Recruiter