<RBS saves us time by screening>

“There is a shortage of IT Security talent which contributes to folks claiming to be cybersecurity experts, when most can’t even articulate the importance of the CIA triad. We don’t want to waste our time. That’s why we use RBS. When your recruiters can hijack your vuln wireless mouse to inject code, they can be trusted to pre-screen your candidates and save you time.”

— Security Manager, Global Data Center

<We wouldn’t be successful without RBS>

“RBS delivers on IT professional talent that has experience building and managing secure software systems. Their unique & hard to find skills have enabled us to build lean, high-performing software delivery teams within a short time. Rachel and her team go above and beyond to deliver and we wouldn’t be successful without her team.”

— Chief Technology Officer


<We were all saved>

“After some canyoneering with friends, I found myself trapped by monsoon rains. The good folks at RBS conducted a daring rescue, and we all were saved. Oh yeah, RBS got me this really great job too.”

— Sr. Application Security Architect

<RBS finds the right candidates for us>

“RBS doesn’t just find the right candidates for the role, RBS finds the right candidates to fit in our culture. They know the ins and outs of the market and care about their clients’ needs.”

— Human Resource Manager


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